Short Stories: Foreigner

‘I left everything to come here. All alone. With no one to help me. My hometown. My friends. My family. My comfort zone. My spoon-fed life. Going into the unknown. The darkness. The uncertainty. The unpredictability.  What if I’m never good enough? Maybe I won’t make any friends. Maybe I’ll be all alone. And in the end, I’ll be too foreign for home, too foreign for here. And I will never know how to place myself.’



Short Story: Two Doors

As I was having a casual hike in the forest, I noticed an old rugged house, as if it was built in the 1910s; just before WW1. It seemed awry yet fascinating. The wooden house looks rusty but yet the surroundings barely have any weed around it. There were rumours from other hikers that this forest contained mystical powers. And one of them was this wooden house. It has been said to enlighten and change one’s life forever once he/she enters the house. It would dictate the future.

As I opened the door, I heard creaks as one would assume from an old house. The house seemingly looks empty. No furniture, no doors and no windows. ‘Was this a joke?’ I thought to myself. I decided to step in anyway. As soon as I stepped in, it felt like I was being sucked into a different dimension.

I arrived into this white background and was greeted by a familiar figure. It was myself. A full replica of me. He said ‘Hello there!’. ‘Welcome to the Paths of Future. I am you and you are me. I exist in the alternate dimension. Essentially, there are 2 of us in 2 different dimensions. Anyway, behind me, there are 2 doors and each door will dictate the future that you will have. You cannot leave until you choose a door.’

He explained that 1 door leads to a successful career. A good pay that will grant me all the luxuries in life especially those gaming equipments I’ve always wanted. It was always my dream to have a successful career and have a passion for gaming. However, this comes at the cost of good health and not having enough time for loved ones. The other door leads to good health and having loved ones by your side everytime. Getting to know them and just hanging around. However, you would get a below average job; not being able to pursue your ideal career and probably wouldn’t get my beloved games because the pay would just barely get me by.

I was told to make a choice. Both are equally tempting with both having their own costs. I struggled to choose what I want. I wanted good health, having loved ones by my side and having a successful career as well. After a long debate in my head, I’ve decided.

‘Neither door will suffice.’ The alternate ‘me’ said ‘What? You have to choose between these two.’ ‘I don’t. Why do I have to sacrifice something I love to get something I love? I know I’m not the type of person to do that. That’s why I’ll choose the other door. The door of compromise. I will make my future work by my hands no matter how hard it is. Whether it is achievable or not, I don’t care because at least I knew I tried to make it work.’

The replica smirked at me and said ‘Heh. Now that’s the true answer I’m looking for. You’ve always knew that in your heart. You may leave.’ As I get sucked back into my own world, I arrive at the starting point of the hike. With a new found resolution, I looked up to the clear sky and tell myself that nothing is too hard so long as you put your mind into it. While I might not get the optimal outcome for both situations, at least I got a little bit of both.

This story is loosely inspired by the movie ‘Gifted’. I will be doing a movie review on it soon so make sure to keep an eye for that. Thanks!


Short Stories: Gift

‘Happy birthday my friend! Here’s a gift for you.’ said his friend while handing him a wrapped present.

‘We prepared this especially for you.’ said by another friend of his.

‘Awww thank you guys. But I don’t need this gift.’ He sets aside the present on a table.

‘Huh? Why not?’

‘… Because you guys are the ‘gift’. You guys are the gifts that I never realized I wanted but I needed. And for that, I thank you all. I thank you all for staying with me even though I gave you guys all the BS. I really am glad to have you all still with me as good friends.’ He sheds a small tear on the corner of his eye.

And they all hugged each other without saying anything else.



Short Stories: The Battle of Hatred

Standing 50 meters apart from each other, the two magic users gaze at each other with death stares. The strong gale stirs up the desert sand, blurring the vision of both magic users and leaving them with the sight of silhouettes.

One emits an aura of evil similar to the devil Lucifer himself, full of darkness and sinister. He shows no remorse in killing people; cold-blooded and emotionless. Some even say he sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for power. While the other emits an aura of hatred, seeking revenge for what happened in the past. He is ready to spill blood with whoever killed his family.

‘I will never forgive you for what you’ve done to my family!’screamed Alucard, the magic user with the ability to manipulate plasma.

The colour of plasma energy emitted determines one person’s soul. Red denotes hatred and revenge. Green represents serenity. Blue illustrates sadness. Yellow justifies happiness. White is portrayed as transcendence.

He gathers plasma energy from the surrounding and shoots out a large blast of plasma energy towards Polerno. Drenched in a bright red colour, the plasma energy spreads out in an array-like fashion.

Polerno who possesses blood magic cuts himself and allows blood to drip. Blood magic is said to be one of the oldest dark magic. The last magic user who used this magic was 500 years ago. Blood magic users are dangerous and can even manipulate other people’s blood, exploding them from within. However, there is an exception. The exception of distance. It can only be done within 10 meters of each other

He uses the little droplets of blood and forms a big barrier, deflecting the plasma energy. Unfazed by the attack, Polerno sends out furious blood strings to tie up Alucard, to bring him closer to death. Alucard wasn’t able to defend quickly as the blood strings were too quick for him.

As Alucard is being pulled towards Polerno, he realizes his fate and says ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t able to avenge you brother… I will see you soon.’.

Out of nowhere, the blood string was cut by an invisible force. Alucard was shocked and turned to the left. It was him. The magic user that spent years of training in a far away region. It has been 20 years since they’ve last met.

‘There’s still much you have to accomplish. And the reason you could not break through his barrier is the hatred in your soul. You have to allow yourself to find peace within yourself, then only would you be able to live up to yourself and your brother.’

Polerno finally spoke out ‘Who are you? It’s surprising that someone is able to cut through my blood strings.’

‘I am the rumoured Calais, the son of the wind gods. And I am here to bring judgement towards you.’he exclaimed while clenching his fist.


Short Stories: Gratefulness

‘Hey, have you ever wondered what if we never met?’ he asked her while sipping at his freshly brewed cappucino.

‘Hmm, not really. Why do you ask?’ She was intrigued by her good friend’s question.

‘Well, I was just wondering. You know… All the different situations that we would not have been through together. All the hardships and all the laughter. Or even how different we would be.’

‘Yeah but it’s not like it’s anything important. I mean,  yes. We’re who we are now because of all the people we met and all the things we’ve been through.  But there’s no point in thinking about the ‘what ifs’ if there’s no actual conclusion to them.’ She sighed and explained, being the realist.

‘But that’s also the fun part isn’t it? If we never met, you probably would never have gotten to meet your current eye-candy. You probably wouldn’t be able to get your first job. I probably wouldn’t be as cheerful and I probably wouldn’t have climbed out of my depression 5 years ago. Oh how our lives would’ve been so much different right now.’ He continues to sip his coffee while taking a bite of his croissant.

‘That is true… I mean I probably would still be camping at my home just watching more of those Korean drama. Oh my. How I miss those days.’ She looks up while picturing her old Korean male idol in her mind.

‘You see! It definitely is fun thinking what would’ve been and what could not have been. But I think the best part is when you make a ‘what if’ question, you become more grateful. You feel like you’re better as a person today because of all the past experiences. You’re grateful for everything you did and every person you meet. Because they made you who you are today.’ He laughed followed by a calming tone, explaining to his friend the benefits of ‘what ifs’.

‘I guess I should be grateful then because I met you.’ She said while giggling.

‘Nah, I wouldn’t think you’re that grateful.’ He gave a smirk.

‘But it’s true though. You made me believe. You made me trust in myself. You made me the person who I am, a successful businesswoman. I’m really glad for all the help you’ve given me these past years.’ She puts on a serious face.

‘Well, I’m glad to meet you too. Because of you, I was able to experience what a true friend is and what it’s like to be truly happy.’ He smiles.

She blushed while sipping on her latte.

‘So… how was….’

Short Stories: Mnemophobia

‘I’m scared… I don’t want the same thing to happen ever again…’ he said

‘Why not?’ I asked. ‘It’s not like it’s exactly the same person and situation.’

‘I can already foresee it. The situation seems all to familiar to me.’ he exclaimed.


‘You just don’t know! You just don’t know how it feels to know that the past will repeat itself or even the memories of it! Just like 2 years ago… my heart broke into pieces because I was selfish; I was stupid. It’s like one moment, you look at the mirror and you love your body. The next moment, you hate it, you despise it and punched the mirror. Then you realized how stupid you were for punching it because you need to appreciate yourself and start picking the pieces of glass. In the process, you bleed; you hurt yourself emotionally and physically; you feel the pain. And then you try to fix the mirror back but it never fully returns to the way it was. You try to appreciate yourself more but you just can’t because you know you’ll break the mirror again. In the end, you just avoid it because you’re scared. It feels like balancing on a scale that tips itself to the other way every 5 seconds.’ he explained while crying.

‘… I do understand. I understand that all too well. Because I am you. I am the other you. I am the you that arises from hope and belief. You have to dig deep and find your inner self. Find that belief and hope that will guide you.’

‘You’re a fool for believing in such a thing! There’s no such things as miracles or hopes! All my life, I have been trying my best and hoping everything turns out well but it never does. I can already taste the fear of losing _____ because of past events.’

‘Perhaps I am a fool for believing in there is still hope. But I do. Ponder on that, my young one.’