Late Night Thoughts: Truth

‘The truth isn’t the truth because someone said so. It is only the truth if you believe it to be so.’

This quote was just a thought I came across the other day. As far as I’m concerned, people with depression have a skewed perception of how they see the world. And to me, that shed a light on what constitutes ‘truth’ for a person.

When someone cries out for help, what they want isn’t words or phrases like ‘You’ll be okay.’, ‘Everything will be fine.’, ‘Just be happy.’ etc., what they want is affirmation of appreciation of them, the presence of their friends/family with them and that everything is not tbeir fault. Because the ‘truth’ that they see is different than the ‘truth’ we see. Because they don’t see a way out of this. Because in their mind, they know this is what they’re going to experience in the future. Because they don’t want to keep suffering like this. Because this is their last resort.

What they perceive as the ‘truth’ is different than what is the ‘truth’ for their friends. They will never be able to listen to what their friends say. And that’s how I came up with the idea of the quote. It applies to all situations. Some people might be adamant about something because they believe it is the truth even though others say differently.

In the end, changing how someone perceives things is a hard do. It starts with yourself. It starts with embracing the other ‘truths’ because there is no one single ‘truth’ that exists.


Melodious Music: Taylor Swift – Red

Losing him/her was blue like I’d never known
Missing him/her was dark grey all alone
Forgetting him/her was like trying to know somebody you never met
But loving him/her was red
Loving him/her was red

Touching him/her was like realizing all you ever wanted was right there in front of you
Memorizing him/her was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song
Fighting with him/her was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer
Regretting him/her was like wishing you never found out that love could be that strong

Remembering him/her comes in flashbacks and echoes
Tell myself it’s time now, gotta let go
But moving on from him/her is impossible
When I still see it all in my head
Burning red
Burning it was red

I must admit I wasn’t quite a fan of this song until I heard a cover of this song. The original, fast pace beat didn’t quite match the lyrics in my opinion. That is why I find Tyler Ward’s version to be perfect with an acoustic guitar and slower beat. It perfectly describes the heartbroken person in a relationship. How forgetting someone is almost impossible. How trying to move on from a recent break up is impossible when the memories and flashbacks are still recent. How realizing that someone is all you ever wanted but it just could never work out. It really does suck to feel that way.



In My Mind: Gifted Review

Back with another movie review here! This time with Gifted. Obvious spoilers ahead as usual. I’ll try to make it as concise as possible and not as long as Logan given the big wall of text to read.



To give off a little bit of detail of what the movie is about, Gifted tells a story about a man, Frank played by Chris Evans, who has taken the ‘father’ role of a young female prodigy named Mary. Frank is supposedly the uncle of Mary whose mother passed away when Mary was young. And the movie goes through the struggles of a parent whether to let Mary do what she loves or let her have a normal childhood.

The scene begins with Frank sending Mary off to a school after being home-schooled for the past few years. Their next door neighbour and bus driver, Roberta, tells Frank that this is a bad idea but Frank goes with the plan anyway. Mary reluctantly goes off to school and shows disinterest in class. She particularly gets displeased when the teacher, Bonnie Stevenson, asks a very simple math question to the class. As a result, Mary is asked by Bonnie to answer a few ‘complicated’ math questions for a 1st grade such as double digits multiplication. Bonnie thought she had proven a point to Mary but finds out that she actually is gifted. When Bonnie tries to confront with Frank, Frank denies any attempt of discussion about Mary being gifted.

In the downtime, Bonnie tries to search up any information about the Adler family. She manages to find that Frank was a lecturer on Philosophy and Diane, his sister and Mary’s mom, was a math prodigy who came close to solving one of the Millenium Prize Problems. Later that night, Bonnie confronts Frank at a bar, a place he usually goes every week. She then confirms the fact that Mary is a child genius with Frank while he expresses his fear that Mary would turn out like Diane and ruin her life.

The next day, Mary got into a fight with a boy from her class and Frank is called in to the principal’s office. On the verge of being suspended, the principal offers a scholarship to Mary to enter a school for the gifted with the help of Bonnie. Frank declines, stating that she deserves to have a normal childhood. With that, the principal decides to contact the grandmother, Evelyn. She comes to Frank’s house and prepared gifts for Mary such as a Macbook and some books regarding Math theories and problems. Mary instantly gets interested into them and start reading.

Frank offers to talk to Evelyn at a private place and proceed to argue about the future of Mary. Frank wants her to have a happy and normal childhood while Evelyn hopes she could surpass Diane and maximise her potential. They both stand firm with their decisions which results in Evelyn seeking to gain custody.

Now, here comes one of my favourite scenes in the movie, where Frank brings Mary to the beach and talk about life in general. One quote from Frank sticked with me most: ‘Faith is good to have but it is about what you feel and think, not what you know.’ It was a great line that stroked deeply within my heart.

Along the custody battle, we find out the identity of Mary’s father who said that he always wanted to see Mary but lied about it. Mary gets emotionally upset about it and Frank decides to show her the moment she was born in a hospital. Mary also mentions that she wants to stay with Frank because he wanted her before she was smart. And that’s another one liner which also stroke deeply within my heart. The custody battle gets really furious and intense which made both parties to think that they will lose. Frank’s lawyer proposes a compromises where she will live in a foster home which is 15 minutes away from Frank and get to study in a college. Mary will be able to decide where she lives when she reaches 12 years old. Frank reluctantly agrees.

Mary feels upset and disappointed because Frank said they will be together until the end. Frank leaves Mary and her cat, Fred over at the foster home with a bittersweet goodbye. Later that night, Bonnie tries to comfort him but Frank just leaves. The next day, Frank tries to deliver gifts for Mary but was politely told to leave because Mary doesn’t want to see him.

A few days later, Bonnie sees an advertisment for adoption of a cat that seems to look like Fred. She sends the message to Frank. Being surprised, Frank rushes to the pet adoption centre where he was told that someone was allergic to the cat and it was about to be euthanised. This means that Evelyn is at the foster home. Frank rushes home to grab a folder and tells Roberta to tag along. They barge into the room as what seems to be a math tutorial for Mary. Frank tells Mary that she’s coming back home but she runs away in which Frank responds by throwing the folder onto the desk and chases after Mary. Evelyn tries to give chase but is blocked off by Roberta. Roberta says that it is more important that she sees the folder.

Frank caught up to Mary and realizes that he means a lot to her and that he left her at the foster home because he was scared of ruining her life. Mary said that he didn’t and that’s he’s the best ‘father’ she’ll ever have. They rejoice, hug each other and went back into the room. Roberta takes Mary back into the car and Frank confronts Evelyn. He reveals that Diane had completed the Problem but didn’t want to reveal it until the death of Evelyn. With the choice of earning the honor or nurturing Mary, Evelyn decides to let the world know the problem was solved as she breaks down. In the end, it can be seen that Mary attends college lessons in the afternoon and goes back to the playground, looking happily as ever while pursuing her passion.

Overall, this movie was a great drama. Plot was decent. However, some parts didn’t make sense; the whole hospital scene of showing the birth of babies and the undeniably questionable use of the ‘Diane solved the problem but decide not to reveal’. I mean it didn’t make sense for the former and why didn’t Frank use it in the first place for the latter. Chris Evans did a great job portraying the father and Mckenna Grace was fantastic. Either way, it was quite a tearjerker at least for me and definitely a movie worth watching. It won’t waste your time.

Honestly, I believe that parents should let children decided what they want to do but with rules added to them. Restricting or forcing them to do follow one thing is a bad idea. I would definitely agree with Frank’s philosophy there. Let a child have a normal childhood. That’s what they should be. Happily growing up, having friends and just messing around. If I had a child, I would definitely let him/her have a proper childhood.

‘He wanted me before I was smart’ – Mary.


Short Story: Two Doors

As I was having a casual hike in the forest, I noticed an old rugged house, as if it was built in the 1910s; just before WW1. It seemed awry yet fascinating. The wooden house looks rusty but yet the surroundings barely have any weed around it. There were rumours from other hikers that this forest contained mystical powers. And one of them was this wooden house. It has been said to enlighten and change one’s life forever once he/she enters the house. It would dictate the future.

As I opened the door, I heard creaks as one would assume from an old house. The house seemingly looks empty. No furniture, no doors and no windows. ‘Was this a joke?’ I thought to myself. I decided to step in anyway. As soon as I stepped in, it felt like I was being sucked into a different dimension.

I arrived into this white background and was greeted by a familiar figure. It was myself. A full replica of me. He said ‘Hello there!’. ‘Welcome to the Paths of Future. I am you and you are me. I exist in the alternate dimension. Essentially, there are 2 of us in 2 different dimensions. Anyway, behind me, there are 2 doors and each door will dictate the future that you will have. You cannot leave until you choose a door.’

He explained that 1 door leads to a successful career. A good pay that will grant me all the luxuries in life especially those gaming equipments I’ve always wanted. It was always my dream to have a successful career and have a passion for gaming. However, this comes at the cost of good health and not having enough time for loved ones. The other door leads to good health and having loved ones by your side everytime. Getting to know them and just hanging around. However, you would get a below average job; not being able to pursue your ideal career and probably wouldn’t get my beloved games because the pay would just barely get me by.

I was told to make a choice. Both are equally tempting with both having their own costs. I struggled to choose what I want. I wanted good health, having loved ones by my side and having a successful career as well. After a long debate in my head, I’ve decided.

‘Neither door will suffice.’ The alternate ‘me’ said ‘What? You have to choose between these two.’ ‘I don’t. Why do I have to sacrifice something I love to get something I love? I know I’m not the type of person to do that. That’s why I’ll choose the other door. The door of compromise. I will make my future work by my hands no matter how hard it is. Whether it is achievable or not, I don’t care because at least I knew I tried to make it work.’

The replica smirked at me and said ‘Heh. Now that’s the true answer I’m looking for. You’ve always knew that in your heart. You may leave.’ As I get sucked back into my own world, I arrive at the starting point of the hike. With a new found resolution, I looked up to the clear sky and tell myself that nothing is too hard so long as you put your mind into it. While I might not get the optimal outcome for both situations, at least I got a little bit of both.

This story is loosely inspired by the movie ‘Gifted’. I will be doing a movie review on it soon so make sure to keep an eye for that. Thanks!


Living Life: Back To Writing

Hello, I’m back! I’m really really sorry that I haven’t been updating much. The time needed to keep up with my studies, work and other life stuff (you know lah like rent and stuff) was far more overwhelming than I thought. But since my exams are done, I’ll be trying to pump out more blog posts in the upcoming weeks!

So as for plans for my holidays, I actually have quite a full schedule. Working a few shifts, starting some Dungeon and Dragons playthrough with friends, having friends coming to Melbourne to study and all sort of other stuff. So yeah, stay tuned to some blog posts about them!

P.S. to the people who continues to read my blog even though I didn’t update for 3 months. Thank you all. You know who you are.



In My Mind: Logan Review

Hey guys! I’m back with a new blog post! This time, I’ll be reviewing the recently released movie Logan! As always, all comments are my own opinions so feel free to disagree. Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead. So, if you haven’t seen it, please step away now because it really ruins it for you. And also, if you haven’t seen it, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? It’s seriously a great movie so go and watch it!




To start off, I’ve always been a huge fan of Wolverine. He is actually my favourite superhero. Tough. Mean looking. Not giving a damn about the laws. But deep down inside, he still loves the people he cares about although it may not seem that way on the outside. Wolverine always had a huge impact on my life. I think it was also partially due to Hugh Jackman’s acting. You see this matured, buff guy on the screen and see the way he portrays the character. It is just amazing. I cant remember the first time I actually seen or knew of Wolverine but I do know that he’s one badass superhero.

Moving on to the actual movie, the beginning of the movie was a classic Wolverine brawl with some thugs. Some stuff just don’t get old. But Wolverine’s face does. He looks intensely more physically worn out when compared to his previous appearances. Mind you, I have seen the trailers and knew what was sort of going on. And Wolverine’s aging was definitely one of them. His aging power has deteriorated due to the adamantium poisoning in his body. Wounds don’t recover as fast as they would.

He now works as a chauffeur and he meets a woman, Gabriella that desperately needs his help but he refuses as usual. He then meets Donald who asks him for a deal and Donald seems to know that Logan has meet Gabriella. And again, Logan refuses. He then meets up with Caliban and Professor X who seems to be unable to control his powers and can only be stopped by giving him some sort of drug via injection.

Logan decides to meet up with Gabriella to find out what the deal is. Turns out that she has a ‘daughter’ called Laura which is a mutant. Gabriella begs Logan to take her to a place near North Dakota and he agrees but would only come by the next morning. Next morning, he finds Gabriella dead and finds the money as reward and the phone Gabriella was using to get help from Logan. With that, he quickly goes back to Professor X and suddenly finds Laura at the trunk.

Laura appears seems aloof and silent when they met. She seems disinterested in the world around her, very much like old Wolverine. Logan instantly has a disgusting taste towards her and is not interested at her at all. Shortly after, Donald and his troops arrive. Logan tries to escape with Professor X but is cornered. Donald asks for Laura but Logan lies and tries to retaliate but fails.

The troops go in to retrieve Laura but this is where she shines. I particularly love this entrance from Dafne Keen, it was so badass and great. She murdered most of the troops and Logan left the place along with Professor X and Laura in his limo. Unfortunately, Caliban was held hostage and used by Donald to track Logan down.

So, the trio goes on a road trip to North Dakota. They stop by different places including a casino and a hotel where they get changed. Along the way, Logan finds out that Laura is actually his daughter and named X-23. They were new mutants made as weapons. The project was initiated by Professor Zander Rice. Also, they were being chased by Donald and crew. Professor X’s seizures acted up again and caused horrible consequences. It was also mentioned that the seizures was what killed most of the X-Men.

Later in the movie, the trio helped a family. The dinner scene was a great scene. It was a break from all the chaos that had happened in the movie. And it felt nice to see them have a proper dinner for once especially for Logan. He experienced so much agony and pain that I don’t think he has ever had a proper dinner meal with people.

Unfortunately, their pleasant times with the family was met with demise. Donald and his troops caught up and released X-24, an almost exact replica of Logan. Professor X mistaken him for the real Logan and remorses of the tragedy that happened long time ago; the one where he killed the X-Men members. He gets impaled by X-24. Logan arrives back into the house and told Professor X it wasn’t him. He dies in the process and Laura is captured by X-24. Logan gets filled with anger and proceeds to fight X-24. However, he is severely outclassed. Suddenly, the father of the family comes out and rams X-24 onto a tractor. Since the rest of the family is dead because of Logan, he tries to kill Logan with a shotgun but fails to do as he faints and dies. Caliban detonates a hand grenade in the van, proceeding to kill himself in hopes of giving Logan and Laura a chance to escape.

After the fight, Logan and Laura escapes and buries Professor X. Logan feels deeply regretful for not protecting him and angry at Laura because the place does not exist since it was adapted from the X-Men comic book. Logan feels super exhausted due to his deteriorating healing powers and falls asleep. Laura then takes over the car and drives to North Dakota. Logan wakes up to see that a bunch of small mutant kids with Laura and learns of their plan to cross the border. Laura asks Logan where is he going next and he adamantly tells her to leave him alone and will wander on his own.

As Logan falls asleep again, Rictor leaves a vial that gives mutants superhuman strength if taken at small doses. The vial depletes the mutant of their power if taken at high doses. Logan notices that helicopters are going to the forest that mutant children are heading to. He quickly heads towards there but is still exhausted from the fights earlier. He takes the whole vial and heads for the troops. The troops capture all of the children except Laura. Laura and Logan then work together to defeat the troops and confront Zander Rice and Donald. Logan immediately kills Zander Rice with a revolver and while the troops are distracted, Laura kills them and releases her friends. Donald then releases X-24, fully reformed with more strength. X-24 then fights Logan while the rest of the mutants kill Donald. In the end, Logan and the mutant children manage to subdue X-24 by collapsing a truck onto him. Logan tells them to run away. As he says that, X-24 comes out of the truck and impales Logan onto a wooden tree. Laura comes back and shoots X-24 in the head with the adamantium bullet Logan has been carrying with him all along.

As Logan inevitably dies, Laura and Logan starts talking about their relationship as father and daughter. Logan finally realizes how it feels to have a family and tells Laura to not be like him. The movies end with Laura burying Logan and the group of children walking into the forest.

Honestly, this whole movie made me feel intense all the time. You didn’t know whether they will be safe and it felt real because they could actually die, unlike in most superhero movies where most of the protagonists stay alive. It was also an emotional roller coaster. The movie itself had so much excellent small details that I couldn’t mention all of it unless you want to read a blog post worth 10 pages of words. Professor X and Logan’s small boat to the island, the family dinner scene, the bonding between Laura and Logan at the end especially when Laura says ‘Daddy..’, Laura changing the tombstone into an X to represent X-Men. Man that pulls the heartstrings. Also, the movie felt so much more different than other superhero movies because the action was the subplot. The storytelling and the emotions were the real stars. Honestly, the acting was so good that even though there were some plot holes in the movie (when Logan tells Laura to save the children, how does Donald see Logan but not Laura?), the acting completely outshines them. I’m honestly really sad that the Wolverine saga is finally over. I don’t get to see Hugh Jackman play him anymore. He’s truly a legend and will forever be the best Wolverine in my heart. Huge props to Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen for their performance as well. All of the actors did the movie justice and put a great ending to the Wolverine saga.

Rating: 9.5/10. Would definitely watch it again. And goodbye Wolverine. You will be missed. </3


Living Life: Mini Life Update

Hey guys! First and foremost, I haven’t been able to update my blogs as much as I want to. So sorry about that. To give a quick update, I’m in my 3rd week of the semester which is about a quarter way through. Nothing too overwhelming yet. Everything is still within control. Just got a part time job offer as well so everything has been going well so far. 🙂

Secondly, I realize 1 short story every week was really exhausting and I couldn’t come up with much ideas. So from now on, I only write short stories whenever I have the inspiration to write one.

Furthermore, I will only publish blog posts which are worthy(?) I guess. I don’t want to give a blog post which is half-done. I want to provide more quality blog posts.

Thanks to all my viewers for being patient and for checking up on my blog. You guys are the best! 😀 There will be more exciting adventures coming up! Peace.