Short Story: Two Doors

As I was having a casual hike in the forest, I noticed an old rugged house, as if it was built in the 1910s; just before WW1. It seemed awry yet fascinating. The wooden house looks rusty but yet the surroundings barely have any weed around it. There were rumours from other hikers that this forest contained mystical powers. And one of them was this wooden house. It has been said to enlighten and change one’s life forever once he/she enters the house. It would dictate the future.

As I opened the door, I heard creaks as one would assume from an old house. The house seemingly looks empty. No furniture, no doors and no windows. ‘Was this a joke?’ I thought to myself. I decided to step in anyway. As soon as I stepped in, it felt like I was being sucked into a different dimension.

I arrived into this white background and was greeted by a familiar figure. It was myself. A full replica of me. He said ‘Hello there!’. ‘Welcome to the Paths of Future. I am you and you are me. I exist in the alternate dimension. Essentially, there are 2 of us in 2 different dimensions. Anyway, behind me, there are 2 doors and each door will dictate the future that you will have. You cannot leave until you choose a door.’

He explained that 1 door leads to a successful career. A good pay that will grant me all the luxuries in life especially those gaming equipments I’ve always wanted. It was always my dream to have a successful career and have a passion for gaming. However, this comes at the cost of good health and not having enough time for loved ones. The other door leads to good health and having loved ones by your side everytime. Getting to know them and just hanging around. However, you would get a below average job; not being able to pursue your ideal career and probably wouldn’t get my beloved games because the pay would just barely get me by.

I was told to make a choice. Both are equally tempting with both having their own costs. I struggled to choose what I want. I wanted good health, having loved ones by my side and having a successful career as well. After a long debate in my head, I’ve decided.

‘Neither door will suffice.’ The alternate ‘me’ said ‘What? You have to choose between these two.’ ‘I don’t. Why do I have to sacrifice something I love to get something I love? I know I’m not the type of person to do that. That’s why I’ll choose the other door. The door of compromise. I will make my future work by my hands no matter how hard it is. Whether it is achievable or not, I don’t care because at least I knew I tried to make it work.’

The replica smirked at me and said ‘Heh. Now that’s the true answer I’m looking for. You’ve always knew that in your heart. You may leave.’ As I get sucked back into my own world, I arrive at the starting point of the hike. With a new found resolution, I looked up to the clear sky and tell myself that nothing is too hard so long as you put your mind into it. While I might not get the optimal outcome for both situations, at least I got a little bit of both.

This story is loosely inspired by the movie ‘Gifted’. I will be doing a movie review on it soon so make sure to keep an eye for that. Thanks!



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