In My Mind: Logan Review

Hey guys! I’m back with a new blog post! This time, I’ll be reviewing the recently released movie Logan! As always, all comments are my own opinions so feel free to disagree. Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead. So, if you haven’t seen it, please step away now because it really ruins it for you. And also, if you haven’t seen it, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? It’s seriously a great movie so go and watch it!




To start off, I’ve always been a huge fan of Wolverine. He is actually my favourite superhero. Tough. Mean looking. Not giving a damn about the laws. But deep down inside, he still loves the people he cares about although it may not seem that way on the outside. Wolverine always had a huge impact on my life. I think it was also partially due to Hugh Jackman’s acting. You see this matured, buff guy on the screen and see the way he portrays the character. It is just amazing. I cant remember the first time I actually seen or knew of Wolverine but I do know that he’s one badass superhero.

Moving on to the actual movie, the beginning of the movie was a classic Wolverine brawl with some thugs. Some stuff just don’t get old. But Wolverine’s face does. He looks intensely more physically worn out when compared to his previous appearances. Mind you, I have seen the trailers and knew what was sort of going on. And Wolverine’s aging was definitely one of them. His aging power has deteriorated due to the adamantium poisoning in his body. Wounds don’t recover as fast as they would.

He now works as a chauffeur and he meets a woman, Gabriella that desperately needs his help but he refuses as usual. He then meets Donald who asks him for a deal and Donald seems to know that Logan has meet Gabriella. And again, Logan refuses. He then meets up with Caliban and Professor X who seems to be unable to control his powers and can only be stopped by giving him some sort of drug via injection.

Logan decides to meet up with Gabriella to find out what the deal is. Turns out that she has a ‘daughter’ called Laura which is a mutant. Gabriella begs Logan to take her to a place near North Dakota and he agrees but would only come by the next morning. Next morning, he finds Gabriella dead and finds the money as reward and the phone Gabriella was using to get help from Logan. With that, he quickly goes back to Professor X and suddenly finds Laura at the trunk.

Laura appears seems aloof and silent when they met. She seems disinterested in the world around her, very much like old Wolverine. Logan instantly has a disgusting taste towards her and is not interested at her at all. Shortly after, Donald and his troops arrive. Logan tries to escape with Professor X but is cornered. Donald asks for Laura but Logan lies and tries to retaliate but fails.

The troops go in to retrieve Laura but this is where she shines. I particularly love this entrance from Dafne Keen, it was so badass and great. She murdered most of the troops and Logan left the place along with Professor X and Laura in his limo. Unfortunately, Caliban was held hostage and used by Donald to track Logan down.

So, the trio goes on a road trip to North Dakota. They stop by different places including a casino and a hotel where they get changed. Along the way, Logan finds out that Laura is actually his daughter and named X-23. They were new mutants made as weapons. The project was initiated by Professor Zander Rice. Also, they were being chased by Donald and crew. Professor X’s seizures acted up again and caused horrible consequences. It was also mentioned that the seizures was what killed most of the X-Men.

Later in the movie, the trio helped a family. The dinner scene was a great scene. It was a break from all the chaos that had happened in the movie. And it felt nice to see them have a proper dinner for once especially for Logan. He experienced so much agony and pain that I don’t think he has ever had a proper dinner meal with people.

Unfortunately, their pleasant times with the family was met with demise. Donald and his troops caught up and released X-24, an almost exact replica of Logan. Professor X mistaken him for the real Logan and remorses of the tragedy that happened long time ago; the one where he killed the X-Men members. He gets impaled by X-24. Logan arrives back into the house and told Professor X it wasn’t him. He dies in the process and Laura is captured by X-24. Logan gets filled with anger and proceeds to fight X-24. However, he is severely outclassed. Suddenly, the father of the family comes out and rams X-24 onto a tractor. Since the rest of the family is dead because of Logan, he tries to kill Logan with a shotgun but fails to do as he faints and dies. Caliban detonates a hand grenade in the van, proceeding to kill himself in hopes of giving Logan and Laura a chance to escape.

After the fight, Logan and Laura escapes and buries Professor X. Logan feels deeply regretful for not protecting him and angry at Laura because the place does not exist since it was adapted from the X-Men comic book. Logan feels super exhausted due to his deteriorating healing powers and falls asleep. Laura then takes over the car and drives to North Dakota. Logan wakes up to see that a bunch of small mutant kids with Laura and learns of their plan to cross the border. Laura asks Logan where is he going next and he adamantly tells her to leave him alone and will wander on his own.

As Logan falls asleep again, Rictor leaves a vial that gives mutants superhuman strength if taken at small doses. The vial depletes the mutant of their power if taken at high doses. Logan notices that helicopters are going to the forest that mutant children are heading to. He quickly heads towards there but is still exhausted from the fights earlier. He takes the whole vial and heads for the troops. The troops capture all of the children except Laura. Laura and Logan then work together to defeat the troops and confront Zander Rice and Donald. Logan immediately kills Zander Rice with a revolver and while the troops are distracted, Laura kills them and releases her friends. Donald then releases X-24, fully reformed with more strength. X-24 then fights Logan while the rest of the mutants kill Donald. In the end, Logan and the mutant children manage to subdue X-24 by collapsing a truck onto him. Logan tells them to run away. As he says that, X-24 comes out of the truck and impales Logan onto a wooden tree. Laura comes back and shoots X-24 in the head with the adamantium bullet Logan has been carrying with him all along.

As Logan inevitably dies, Laura and Logan starts talking about their relationship as father and daughter. Logan finally realizes how it feels to have a family and tells Laura to not be like him. The movies end with Laura burying Logan and the group of children walking into the forest.

Honestly, this whole movie made me feel intense all the time. You didn’t know whether they will be safe and it felt real because they could actually die, unlike in most superhero movies where most of the protagonists stay alive. It was also an emotional roller coaster. The movie itself had so much excellent small details that I couldn’t mention all of it unless you want to read a blog post worth 10 pages of words. Professor X and Logan’s small boat to the island, the family dinner scene, the bonding between Laura and Logan at the end especially when Laura says ‘Daddy..’, Laura changing the tombstone into an X to represent X-Men. Man that pulls the heartstrings. Also, the movie felt so much more different than other superhero movies because the action was the subplot. The storytelling and the emotions were the real stars. Honestly, the acting was so good that even though there were some plot holes in the movie (when Logan tells Laura to save the children, how does Donald see Logan but not Laura?), the acting completely outshines them. I’m honestly really sad that the Wolverine saga is finally over. I don’t get to see Hugh Jackman play him anymore. He’s truly a legend and will forever be the best Wolverine in my heart. Huge props to Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen for their performance as well. All of the actors did the movie justice and put a great ending to the Wolverine saga.

Rating: 9.5/10. Would definitely watch it again. And goodbye Wolverine. You will be missed. </3



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