Short Stories: The Battle of Hatred

Standing 50 meters apart from each other, the two magic users gaze at each other with death stares. The strong gale stirs up the desert sand, blurring the vision of both magic users and leaving them with the sight of silhouettes.

One emits an aura of evil similar to the devil Lucifer himself, full of darkness and sinister. He shows no remorse in killing people; cold-blooded and emotionless. Some even say he sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for power. While the other emits an aura of hatred, seeking revenge for what happened in the past. He is ready to spill blood with whoever killed his family.

‘I will never forgive you for what you’ve done to my family!’screamed Alucard, the magic user with the ability to manipulate plasma.

The colour of plasma energy emitted determines one person’s soul. Red denotes hatred and revenge. Green represents serenity. Blue illustrates sadness. Yellow justifies happiness. White is portrayed as transcendence.

He gathers plasma energy from the surrounding and shoots out a large blast of plasma energy towards Polerno. Drenched in a bright red colour, the plasma energy spreads out in an array-like fashion.

Polerno who possesses blood magic cuts himself and allows blood to drip. Blood magic is said to be one of the oldest dark magic. The last magic user who used this magic was 500 years ago. Blood magic users are dangerous and can even manipulate other people’s blood, exploding them from within. However, there is an exception. The exception of distance. It can only be done within 10 meters of each other

He uses the little droplets of blood and forms a big barrier, deflecting the plasma energy. Unfazed by the attack, Polerno sends out furious blood strings to tie up Alucard, to bring him closer to death. Alucard wasn’t able to defend quickly as the blood strings were too quick for him.

As Alucard is being pulled towards Polerno, he realizes his fate and says ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t able to avenge you brother… I will see you soon.’.

Out of nowhere, the blood string was cut by an invisible force. Alucard was shocked and turned to the left. It was him. The magic user that spent years of training in a far away region. It has been 20 years since they’ve last met.

‘There’s still much you have to accomplish. And the reason you could not break through his barrier is the hatred in your soul. You have to allow yourself to find peace within yourself, then only would you be able to live up to yourself and your brother.’

Polerno finally spoke out ‘Who are you? It’s surprising that someone is able to cut through my blood strings.’

‘I am the rumoured Calais, the son of the wind gods. And I am here to bring judgement towards you.’he exclaimed while clenching his fist.



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