Late Night Thoughts: Lost Memories

‘If one day I lost my memories, how would you make me remember you?’

I came across this question on Facebook last year. I had formed some of my opinions around it at the time but nothing detailed or clear. Well, I figured it’s time to revisit this question!

Normally, you ask your friend this question and normally they will answer stuff like ‘Oh you were a funny person’, ‘You were a great person’, ‘You were kind’ etc. But that’s not the question is asking for. The question is asking for the memories between the person and his/her friend. The memorable moments and which characteristics of the friend makes him/her memorable are what the question is asking for. The question asks for the best moments with that person and their characteristics. In a way, it gives a sense of appreciation to the person who asked the question. It gives a reminder to the person who ask what he/she mean to their friends. In another sense, it could always be a bittersweet feeling, where you had amazing times with an ex-friend and it will never happen again. Nevertheless, it really gives you a great feeling, like serenity and tranquility.

My friends gave me answers and really, I was touched by it. And I was so touched by it that I saved a document with their answers on it. From time to time, I read them so I remember that there are people who care about me other than my parents and relatives. :’)

Readers who are sad or depressed, remember, there are people who care about you and are glad to have you in your life. Even though you may not believe it now, but it is true and it is a fact. 🙂




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