Short Stories: Gratefulness

‘Hey, have you ever wondered what if we never met?’ he asked her while sipping at his freshly brewed cappucino.

‘Hmm, not really. Why do you ask?’ She was intrigued by her good friend’s question.

‘Well, I was just wondering. You know… All the different situations that we would not have been through together. All the hardships and all the laughter. Or even how different we would be.’

‘Yeah but it’s not like it’s anything important. I mean,  yes. We’re who we are now because of all the people we met and all the things we’ve been through.  But there’s no point in thinking about the ‘what ifs’ if there’s no actual conclusion to them.’ She sighed and explained, being the realist.

‘But that’s also the fun part isn’t it? If we never met, you probably would never have gotten to meet your current eye-candy. You probably wouldn’t be able to get your first job. I probably wouldn’t be as cheerful and I probably wouldn’t have climbed out of my depression 5 years ago. Oh how our lives would’ve been so much different right now.’ He continues to sip his coffee while taking a bite of his croissant.

‘That is true… I mean I probably would still be camping at my home just watching more of those Korean drama. Oh my. How I miss those days.’ She looks up while picturing her old Korean male idol in her mind.

‘You see! It definitely is fun thinking what would’ve been and what could not have been. But I think the best part is when you make a ‘what if’ question, you become more grateful. You feel like you’re better as a person today because of all the past experiences. You’re grateful for everything you did and every person you meet. Because they made you who you are today.’ He laughed followed by a calming tone, explaining to his friend the benefits of ‘what ifs’.

‘I guess I should be grateful then because I met you.’ She said while giggling.

‘Nah, I wouldn’t think you’re that grateful.’ He gave a smirk.

‘But it’s true though. You made me believe. You made me trust in myself. You made me the person who I am, a successful businesswoman. I’m really glad for all the help you’ve given me these past years.’ She puts on a serious face.

‘Well, I’m glad to meet you too. Because of you, I was able to experience what a true friend is and what it’s like to be truly happy.’ He smiles.

She blushed while sipping on her latte.

‘So… how was….’


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