Living Life: 2016 In Review

Just 2 days until the start of a new year! It sure has been a hectic year all around, filled with joy and sorrow. The year started great with meeting new people and new friends which embarked me on a new adventure filled with surprises.

And obviously, surprises come in all forms; joy, bitterness, jealousy and sadness. Along the way, the adventures brought me happiness in terms of new friends, hangouts, trips and appreciation of life. They also brought me sadness in terms of deaths of close, loved ones, friendship, adulthood and education. Moreover, bitterness and jealousy ensued when everything with what I was thinking was just wrong. I definitely do regret thinking that way because it made me feel horrible.

In addition to that, there also has been many deaths of celebrities and close ones that were tragic. RIP to all of them. 😦

However, the year has truly been a blessing, with all the fun I have had with my closest friends. I have been to Kuala Lumpur for a 1 week trip with my Bruneian friends, I have been to birthday parties of my Melbourne friends (I know that sounds weird but it’s nice to hangout and party for a while); I even surprised one of my friends in Brunei (you know who you are if you’re reading this!). Everything just feels great being with the people I love.

Overall, 2016 has its up and down and it’s closing soon. I’m just grateful with what I have and appreciate everything that happened this year; whether it was the good times or the sad times. Let’s look forward to a new year and new adventures!



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