Short Stories: Mnemophobia

‘I’m scared… I don’t want the same thing to happen ever again…’ he said

‘Why not?’ I asked. ‘It’s not like it’s exactly the same person and situation.’

‘I can already foresee it. The situation seems all to familiar to me.’ he exclaimed.


‘You just don’t know! You just don’t know how it feels to know that the past will repeat itself or even the memories of it! Just like 2 years ago… my heart broke into pieces because I was selfish; I was stupid. It’s like one moment, you look at the mirror and you love your body. The next moment, you hate it, you despise it and punched the mirror. Then you realized how stupid you were for punching it because you need to appreciate yourself and start picking the pieces of glass. In the process, you bleed; you hurt yourself emotionally and physically; you feel the pain. And then you try to fix the mirror back but it never fully returns to the way it was. You try to appreciate yourself more but you just can’t because you know you’ll break the mirror again. In the end, you just avoid it because you’re scared. It feels like balancing on a scale that tips itself to the other way every 5 seconds.’ he explained while crying.

‘… I do understand. I understand that all too well. Because I am you. I am the other you. I am the you that arises from hope and belief. You have to dig deep and find your inner self. Find that belief and hope that will guide you.’

‘You’re a fool for believing in such a thing! There’s no such things as miracles or hopes! All my life, I have been trying my best and hoping everything turns out well but it never does. I can already taste the fear of losing _____ because of past events.’

‘Perhaps I am a fool for believing in there is still hope. But I do. Ponder on that, my young one.’



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