In My Mind: ‘Gifted’ Movie Trailer

So I came across this movie trailer while browsing through Facebook and I gotta say, my first impression was this movie looks pretty good. Featuring Chris Evans of Captain America, I think the plot of the movie is great; touching the adult perspective of smart/gifted child and the child’s perspective of being gifted.

Some adults wants their gifted children to progress quickly in education, skipping year levels and attending tertiary education classes. Some adults wants their gifted children to go through a normal childhood; go to the playground, make friends with other children etc. What about the gifted children themselves? Well, some might be ambitious and become the next child prodigy or some might be laid back and just want to slowly cruise through life.

Now I realize on the internet, many people have commented on how the movie looks very similar to Matilda, how the plot of ‘going from mental calculation to advanced calculus’ is a very big flaw of the movie or even how the plot of being a gifted child has been explored before. Granted, I have never watched Matilda or any other related films before nor how I understand how being gifted actually works, I think this still can be a good movie. I think it has the potential to be great with the acting and lines especially showing the very human side of being a ‘father’ and a gifted child. Normally, in films, fathers are portrayed as ‘neglecting’ or showing not enough care compared to mothers and I think this is a great film to showcase ‘fathers’.

This is all my opinion though and who knows? Maybe the movie will turn out bad or be a success. We’ll find out as it gets released on April 12 in the US next year.

‘He wanted me before I was smart.’ – Mary




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