A Warm Welcome

Hey guys!

I’m Chung Yi Chuen, or CYC for short and I have decided to start writing a blog! As a person, I like to have random thoughts all the time; whether it be food, relationships or even music. However, I never really had the motivation or drive to write a blog. Fast forward to November, I kind of got the inspiration to start a blog from a dear friend of mine (be sure to check her out at https://ehsanramblings.wordpress.com/!). She gave me the motivation to write a blog and put myself out there with my opinions. And here I am!

With this blog, I hope to create discussions and hear other people’s opinion on a particular subject. I’ll be talking a wide range of topics including: music, food, relationships, friendships, family, education, life, games and more! Hence, as I go through multiple blog posts, I hope viewers can go on an adventure with me and explore life! It’s my first time writing a proper blog so if you have any criticisms, feel free to suggest them. 🙂

See you on the first adventure!



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